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Baltic Wood Trading Ltd was founded in July 2007 by 2 employees of the biggest Sawn Timber exporter in Baltic states at that time. Nelss Ltd joined by third couple years later bringing on board extensive knowledge of Baltic, Russian, Belorussian and Ukrainian supply sources of timber combined with experience gained over 10 years in worldwide sales markets in direct contact with end user as well as working in close relation with wide agency network both covering Northern Europe, UK & Ireland, US, North Africa and Far East.


Started as distributor of regularised carcassing to prefabricated house manufacturers in Latvia and Lithuania, we now cover wide range of Timber Products supplied to all kinds of end users consuming anything from couple packs to thousands of cubic meters of timber per month covering sales area of Baltic states, Norway, UK, Ireland and Egypt.


Keeping focused on things we do best, efficiency in every step and keeping customer interests as top priority, Baltic Wood Trading Ltd has become one of the major independent wholesaler in Baltics states working hard to expand further abroad with every year. Our operation has evolved from pure distribution/trading to further processing of 90% of goods going through our hands. These days we have grown to a level where managing of multiple outsourced production facilities has reached it’s top and concentrating of production in our hands is on our agenda for years coming.


We welcome you to our home page which we hope will shed a light on what we do and how we might be of service to you. Any further information is available by contacting us directly.